UPDATE 2, October 2011

Dear supporter,

A lot has been happening with the campaign as we work with the community, government and industry to bring in container deposits. But first - your letters and postcards have been sent to the various environment ministers in Australia. Over 26 councils from around Australia have also been distributing postcards - suggest your council does too. From discussions with government officials we know that they are taking notice - several thousand have been sent so far. The constant mailings help keep the pressure up. As you may have heard Coca Cola have threatened to take the Northern Territory government to court over the 2012 introduction of a container deposit system (CDS). Coke is known around the world as an opponent of CDS. However their tactic has backfired by sparking a call to boycott Coke products in the NT. They got a great deal of bad publicity. Fortunately the NT government was able to protect their scheme for the next 12 months by a special regulation - but undoubtedly Coke will still seek to oppose the CDS. The next major development will be the publishing of the impact statement on new national packaging measures. Container deposits is being assessed but less reliable, low return options from the beverage industry are also included. We are expecting a major push by Coke and their allies as well as senior departmental advisers to environment ministers, to drop the CDS option from further discussion. The impact statement will be appearing soon.

We have a big fight on our hands over coming months.

Remember there are many ways to support the Cash for Containers campaign – spread the word about the Boomerang Alliance website and online letter; distribute campaign postcards (phone 02 9211 5022 or email to address above to request a suitable quantity); buy and wear a campaign t shirt (see Clean Up's online shop); write or talk to your local members (State and Federal), the local paper and your state’s local environment minister. You can follow the latest campaign activities on our cash for containers facebook site. We have to do a lot more work to keep the campaign going! We don't have the size and reach of resources of Coke and its allies. We need to tell more people about the benefits of cash for containers; why Coke is wrong; and make sure the politicians listen to the community. Please make a donation - Click here... Your support is absolutely vital. With your help we will make further advances. We'll keep you informed. Thank you for your help.
Jeff Angel
National Convenor, Boomerang Alliance (17 national and state environment groups)
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